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Welcome to OldSchool-RO!

few words from the admin - Kira

First of all i would like to be a very first person to welcome you to OldSchool-RO!

Having a low latency when playing is a very big advantage, we want our players to greatly experience a lagless server, we also feel that frustration wherein you could have pressed those yggdrasilberry to keep alive but then a lag spike hit you and boom you're dead. With that we have decided to host our servers at Europe so that both international and local players will experience less delay when playing.

But then again the server is far from perfect. And there will always be servers out there much better than this. And despite all that, I invite you to give this server a shot. Remember, its not the server makes it successful, but the players in it.

OldSchool Ragnarok Online re-launch and final version started June 1, 2016 Especially built for OSRO Players. So what are you waiting for? Join our community now and experience satisfaction like you've never experienced before. Come and play with us!

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