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Here's some basics you should understand.

OsRO aims to provide great satisfaction to our valued players and is dedicated to help the players to maximize their potential skills. The server is updating and upgrading its system to meet the demands of the present, in lieu to this, we acquired advertisements promotions and other marketing strategies to promote the server all over the World. To meet this , we have to pay for its services, and other bills incurred during maintenance. With your help especially in servers financial stability, we could sustain and maximize our servers to its full potential status.

Donation Policy for OsRO

  1. All the information provided in every transaction made are all kept confidential.
  2. All donations made are non-refundable/resellable.
  3. The Donation is voluntary basis only, you can still enjoy the full benefits of playing.
  4. We intend to observe strictly that its not a pay-to-win server.
  5. We only reward the donors to enjoy the customization for helping the server grow.
  6. We accepts donation in PHP/USD Monetary.
  7. We strictly implement that any loss due to hacking/scamming or any negligence on the part of the player will not be our responsibility but we will help to solve the cases to the best of our abilities, remember a donor is also a player, no one is above the law. all must abide the rules of the server.

Proof of Donations Exchange:

Money Remitance Guide:

  1. Find the nearest Western, LBC, Cebuana or other Remittance branch on your location.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Bring at least 1 Valid ID for identification.
  4. Talk to the agent in charge, and ask for the "Send Money" form.
  5. Fill up the "Send Money" form with the details below.

Name: Marite Ganzore Nabat
Address: Valenzuela City, Philippines

  1. The agent will give you a receipt paper with the MTCN.
  2. After transaction, send a message on cellphone #09954674565 with the following:

Subject: Western, LBC, Cebuanna or Other Remittance.

  1. Money Transfer Control Number/MTCN:
  2. Character Name:
  3. Account Username:
  4. Senders Complete Name:
  5. Senders Complete Address:
  6. Amount Sent:

We will process your transaction promptly as soon as we receive your text messages. Your OsRO Proof of Donations will be automatically added to your account that you provided through messages by admin Nitro.