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Game Masters

Each member of our Staff team has a very important role. Without Staff, OsRO wouldn't be the same, So please respect all members of our Staff team, and they'll respect you back.

  • Administrator
  • Developer
GM Damiko
  • Enforcer
GM Shakur
  • Head Event
  • Player Relation
GM Snow
  • Event
  • Player Relation
GM Hoenn
  • Support
  • Player Relation
GM Tuna
  • Tester
  • Player Relation

If at any time during the course of game play you encounter a character who claims to be a GM but does not meet the above mentioned criteria, or seems suspicious/engages in suspicious behaviour, please take a screenshot of this character, and or what they've told you, and submit it to any of the below mentioned Administrators. It will be investigated as soon as possible, and you will be informed of whether this individual was a true GM or an impersonator.