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#214 Lighthalzen Bio Lab Entrance Quest

Posted by Nexus™ on 26 June 2016 - 01:55 PM

Bio Lab Quest - Step 1



868.gif                           m70003_0.jpg


Security Guard

lighthalzen 267 200

Requirement: Base level 60 or higher 
Talk to the guard, there is a high chance that he will stop you. Just keep talking to him and eventually you can sneak in while he fall asleep on duty.
Bio Lab Quest - Step 2
868.gif                          m70003_1.jpg
lighthalzen 341 224
Requirements: 20 Jellopy
He claim that he is the only person that can make a route to the laboratory. All you have to do is beg him to tell you the way. You just have to talk to him multiple times (be an enter spammer if you like) until he asks you to bring 20 jellopies. When you bring them to him, he will tell you a few things about the laboratory. After that, talk to him again and he will warp you a cubic room for the next part of the quest.
Bio Lab Quest - Step 3
So here is the maze you have to go through before finding the next room. Using /where and pay attention to your position in the mini map will help you not to run in circles. 
Basically every room looks the same. First you should always type /where after entering a portal. If you end up in one of the following 3 rooms, follow the directions below to find your way to the next room: 
Room 10 74: Take the south portal, then in the next room take the west portal.
Room 66 18: Take the north portal, then in the next room take the west portal.
Room 10 18: Take the south portal, then in the next room take the west portal.
You should end up in a room that look like someone has been living there. 
Note: The position you got warped into this map is randomly determined by Fishbone. So don't expect to be always on the same place when warped in. Warps in each room might also be randomized so memory will not be useful here.



Bio Lab Quest - Step 4



In the following room, there are clues on various fixtures. Follow the clues to get the Laboratory Permit and then get out of the room. 




For each of the text box you encounter from clicking on fixtures in this room, you are supposed to type in the key or tool you wish to use. Below is the step by step walkthrough. You have to enter the red text into the text boxes in game, please keep in mind the answers to the text boxes are case-sensitive. (It's best to type the name of the item exactly as the NPC refer it to.) 
1) Desk: Look Below the desk, you will get a Short Stick.
2) Bed: Look Below the bed, you will find another Short Stick (and another item hidden under the bed). You put the two sticks end to end and got a Long Stick.
3) Bed (again): Look Below the bed again, use the Long Stick to pull out the object you previously can't reach (type 'Long Stick' in the text box). You will get a Cube Model.
4) Cup (Goblet): Look what is inside, you will find a Rusty Key.
5) Shelf (Chemicals): Use the Rusty Key. You will get a Green Key.
6) Closet (Cabinet): Use the Green Key to open the closet, you will get a Polygon Model.
7) Documents (Bundle of Files): Search the documents. You will find a Red Key.
8) Drawer: Open the drawer with the Red Key. You will get a Jackknife.
9) Picture: Use the Jackknife on the picture, you will see a set of number behind the picture. You should write down this set of numbers for later use. 
(In eAthena there are only 3 sets of numbers. If you enter spammed the numbers away, you might want to try these: 4 9 3 7 6 2 8 6 6 OR 4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7 OR 3 6 4 1 2 8 7 1 5)
10) Box (1) (Chest): Take the axe in the box.
11) Barrel: Break the barrel with the Axe. Examine the barrel after you break it. You will get a number panel with the numbers 1~9. At this time, you will be asked to input 9 numbers into the panel. 
Take the set of numbers you obtained from behind the picture, enter it one by one into the panel. When you typed in the correct numbers, the box will open and a Yellow Key is inside.
12) Power Generator: Use the Yellow Key to turn off the machine.
13) Lamp (Status Light): Smash the Light. A Black Key will fall out.
14) Experiment Tube: Use the Black Key. You will get an Oval Model
15) Box (2): For the Oval hole insert the Oval Model. For the Cube hole insert the Cube Model. For the Polygonal hole insert the Polygon Model. After all holes are filled with keymodels, examine the box again and open it. You will find a Laboratory Permit.
16) Test Tube (again): Use the Laboratory Permit and a stair leading down will appeared on the floor. Go Down.
Next you will see yourself in a sewer, just walk your way out.
Bio Lab Quest - Step 5
Sewer Pipe
lighthalzen 313 301
Out of the sewer, you will find yourself at the top right corner of Lighthalzen. There are a few Sewer Pipe next to you. Look for the chat bubble on the pipes, once you found it you will have the option to enter it. After walking a short stripe of pipe you will end up in the Bio Laboratory. So, next time when you want to get to the Bio Lab, just enter from the Sewer Pipe.
Note 1: You cannot use someone else Laboratory Permit. You must finish the quest yourself in order to get in. After you finish the quest, you may enter the Lab without a permit. 
Note 2: To enter Bio Lab Level 3 you must be a non-transcendent class at base level 95 or higher or a transcendent class at base level 90 or higher.









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OldSchool-RO 2016

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#203 [Update] 6/25/2016

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 25 June 2016 - 02:54 PM

This card are available for hunt now:

Drop Rate 1%

Fallen Bishop


High Priest



High Wizard

Lord Knight

Assassin Cross


Fusion Set Quest [ Link ]


[ Patch Update ] Item Description!

Fusion Armor

Assassin Cross Card


[Note] To avoid error ingame. Please patch your OSRO Patcher!

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#609 Maintenance 12/7/2016

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 07 December 2016 - 03:59 AM

SERVER 6TH MONTHSARY DETAILS: http://bit.ly/2hh514u
****8 UPDATE DECEMBER 7,2016
Added: Upgraded Headgear [ Odd Quest ] prontera 139 172
Added: Protection Shield Scroll Box [ VPS SCROLL ]
FIXED OT Number of Players inside!
FIXED Turtle General and Skeleton Worker Card affect for Sacrifice SKILL!
FIXED Diablo's Ring Sancatuary by 10%
FIXED Cyclop's Eye Effect
FIXEd Lord Cyclop's Eye Effect
Remove: Assumptio [ VPS Scroll ]
Remove: Bot Checker [ Token Quest Manager ]
Remove: Guillotine Cross Card
• Poring Catcher Event Prize: 
10 Credits,5 OldSchool Coin,5 Event Silver Coin
• Zombie Vs Novice Event Prize: 
10 Credits,5 OldSchool Coin,5 Event Silver Coin
• Dice Event Prize: 
10 Credits,5 OldSchool Coin,5 Event Silver Coin
• Satan Inasion Event Prize:
1 Violet Card , 50 Voting Proof Ticket
• King of the Hill Event Prize:
10 Credits,5 OldSchool Coin,5 Event Silver Coin
Runes of power: 
Vit, Int, Dex + 10
MaxHP + 15%
Pending Update:
Extending Vending
Main Chat delay
Lighthalzen Dungeon05
[Note] Patch your OldSchool-RO Patcher to avoid error in-game!

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#502 OldSchoolRO For Android Phone | Download Here

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 28 October 2016 - 09:26 AM

Register Account Link: http://bit.ly/2qCTTbj
What is AndRO
AndRO is an emulator for Android working with Athena-based MMORPG servers that supports Ragnarok Online client. This is another highlight feature of OldSchoolRO that brings more people to the gaming community with ease and accessibility. This App allows you to play OSRO using any of your Android gadgets, and is also available via BlueStacks on your computers. AndRO mostly supports Official Servers, with the exception of OldSchool Ragnarok Online! So what are you waiting for? 
What are the requirements for AndRO
AndRO is available for use in any Android handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It requires the latest Android version for it to run smoothly. Due to copyright infringement issues with Gravity Corporation, AndRO cannot be distributed through Google Play. You will have to manually download AndRO and open the .APK file on your Android file directory. 
Why choose AndRO
Although AndRO is best suited for those who do not have immediate access to their computers, there will always be favorable and unfavorable factors in terms of its efficiency:
Hassle-free! Use your Android devices readily.
Allows you to do in-game tasks that require minimal input.
Can be a useful as a chat-client while hanging out at a city with friends.
Some game features are partially restricted.
May have some bugs/glitches that are only AndRO exclusive.
Game (FPS) and loading time is dependent with newer Android versions.
NOTE: AndRO is under constant development and there are updates to it from time to time. With that being said, there are several game features that you cannot completely use with it. This platform is a work in progress, and the bugs/glitches at hand are not something that we can fix on our end. Thank you!
Installing Problem:
[Problem] Parse error
There was a problem parsing the package.
1st Solution: 
Go to Security > Unknown Sources > allow it
2nd Solution: 
3rd Solution: 
•  Use tubemate to download the APK THEN INSTALL IT

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#497 Urgent Maintenance 10/27/2016

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 27 October 2016 - 07:01 AM

server is up!

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#247 Nile Rose Quest

Posted by Nexus™ on 29 June 2016 - 11:31 AM

12. Go back to Old Scholar Tyus and report the good news. Old Scholar Tyus will tell you the 4th Piece of Slate is in the hand of Sage Welshyun, Geffen. Before you depart he hands his 3rd Piece of Slate to you, the Morocc Tablet.

13. Meet Sage Welshyun (geffen 110 200) and ask him for his help. He asks you do him a favor first by bringing the report of "Monster Life in the Geffen Area" from his apprentice, Enoz at the top of Geffen Tower.

  • If you select wrong, bring a White Potion to him.



14. After a long climb to the top of Geffen Tower, you inform Enoz (gef_tower 116 37) "Actually, Welshyun sent me." and tell him about "Monster Life in the Geffen Area". He insists that Sage Welshyun had taken the report days ago.




15. Strangely, Sage Welshyun claims he was just testing you but he does have the Master Science Reference Book that Enoz was looking for and he asks you to deliver it. He also asks you to get a Blue Gemstone for him.

16. Another long climb up the Geffen Tower. After passing the report, bring the  Blue Gemstone that asked for and head for Sage Welshyun again.

  • He asks a strange question... "Where is the abode with a shining silver roof that is mentioned in the third part of the ballad of Grimnir?"
  • You tell him Valaskjalf and he gives you the 4th Piece of Slate, the Geffen Tablet.

17. After obtaining all 4 Pieces of Slate you go back to Old Scholar Tyus. He tells you each of the slates contains a fragment of the cursed jewel and Sage Welshyun should be able to combine the fragments of jewel into one.

18. Sage Welshyun will use the Blue Gemstone you gave him and then combine the 4 Pieces of Slate into a Complete Tablet. He will tell you the Slate belongs to Hellion Revenant and he can send you to the location indicated in the Slate, and he sends you to the Sealed Cave (gef_fild09 295 56). The entrance to the cave is a black area in the cliff as you walk west from where you are warped. The Hellion Revenant is a boss-type monster and walks fast. Hellion Revenant uses magic attacks frequently.



  • You can complete the quest now by going back to Old Scholar Tyus in Morroc without killing Hellion Revenant.

19. When you near the Sealed Cave, your Slate reacts and starts to glow. You place the Slate in the slot and Old Scholar Tyus's message appears.

20. You find the Hellion Revenant inside Geffen Dungeon Level 2 (gef_dun03) and after beating him, he'll drop Eye of Hellion.

21. Tell Old Scholar Tyus about the Slate, the message, the Sealed Cave and his grandfather's death (if you beat Hellion Revenant). He'll thank you and start the Sealing Ceremony on the Jewel of Hellion.

22. After sealing it, Old Scholar Tyus will reward you.

A. Beat Hellion Revenant: 1,200,000 Base EXP, Old Blue Box & Nile Rose.

  • Note: if you go into the cave and already have the eye it will count as killing the revenant when you talk to Tyrus (he has a chance to drop more than 1 when he dies)

B. Beaten by Hellion Revenant or skip the Cave: 1,000,000 Base EXP &  Nile Rose.





Thanks for the likes  :)
OldSchool-RO 2016

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#159 Maintenance 6/22/2016

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 22 June 2016 - 02:00 AM

We will be having a server maintenance at june 22,2016 
10:00AM To 3:00PM GMT+8
New Headgear Quest
and more!

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#991 Request

Posted by kenshi99 on 27 August 2017 - 11:14 PM

Hello good am po.
Request po sana if pwede.
Pa taasan drop rate ng mothers nightmare (7020) kay maya. Sobrang baba po kase na 40mins hunting 7pcs plng n hhunt ko.

And ung sa king of the hill event po.
Kung pwede sana pa same nlng ng prize na 10vc and coints para mas masaya. Di po kase na ggamit or di n pinag ttuunan ng players ung king of the hill kase 1event silver coin lng prize

Paki balik din po sana ung SOH/scroll of hero.
Parang ang baduy kase sir na di na sya naagagamit or make it tradable nlng. Yan din pampa yaman ng iba. Evry 6mins click nmn sya. So pls pls pls paki balik

Pa add din po sana ng auto magnifier ng item pag nag pa heal

I think may bug po sa poring catcher
May times kase n pag maaga ka pumasok sa poring catcher nag sstart na agad. Pero nag ccount padin sya ng 3mins. Pag na patay ung poring tas lumabas ka tas di pa nag sstart ung 3mins pwede ka ulit pumasok. So may chance na 2x ka maka pasok. Pa check nlng may ss po ko 😂

More power
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#924 Pa balik po ng Old Sniper

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 23 August 2017 - 07:09 AM



Regarding sa damage lang sniper/stalker job. since nag adjust naman ako ng YGGBerry/YGGSeed delay.

ibabalik ko na ang 50% of damage lang sniper/stalker job! for all custom bow weapons..


Topic Closed,

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#828 Rare Donation Items ( HERE )

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 12 June 2017 - 01:28 PM



- Don't bother asking if dragon set will have some sort of promo because that would never happen.
- Don't bother asking if dragon set would be put into the donation shop , because that would never happen
- Dragon set can only be acquire thru donations , further details on this you can Inbox me on facebook

* Draconic Set *

10,000PHP or 200USD


• Dranonic Helm:

A full set of Draconic armor can protect the player against some of the biggest explosions

All Stats + 5, HP + 1000
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
Increase Movement Speed 100%
Reduce Damage from Demi Human by 10%
Inflict Damage from Demi Human by 10%
• Dranonic Cyclops:
A Draconic Lord Cyclops Eye protector that seems to increase the wearer's spiritual energy. 
All Stats + 10, HP + 1000
Inflict Damage from Demi Human by 5%  
Reduce Damage from Demi Human by 5%
Enables use of Level 1 Sight
Enables use of Level 7 Warm Wind
• Dranonic Sword:
Protect the player against some of the biggest explosions 
All Stats + 20, HP + 1000
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
10% chance to inflict Curse, Inflict Damage from Demi Human by 10%
Add a 10% chance of auto casting Earthquake on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
• Dranonic Armor:
A full set of Draconic armor can protect the player against some of the biggest explosions 
All Stats + 5 , HP + 1000
Increase maximum HP by 1% per refine rate.
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
Adds 100% Resistance from Freeze Status
[^000088 +Draconic Helm/Cyc/Manteau/Boots/^000000]
Gives 10% Resistance from all Properties except neutral.
Increase damage inflicted on all Properties by 15%(except neutral).
Increase magic damage by 10%
Reduce Damage from DemiHuman by 5%
Maximum HP + 10% , ATK + 10%
AllStats + 20
Enables use of Level 5 Endure
• Dranonic Shield:
A full set of Draconic armor can protect the player against some of the biggest explosions
All Stats + 5 , HP + 1000
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
Reflect + 7% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.
Adds 100% Resistance against Stone Curse
• Dranonic Boots:
A full set of Draconic armor can protect the player against some of the biggest explosions 
All Stats + 5 , HP + 1000
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
Adds 100% Resistance against Sleep
Maximum HP + 10%
Maximum SP + 10%
• Dranonic Manteau:
A full set of Draconic armor can protect the player against some of the biggest explosions
All Stats + 5 , HP + 1000
Flee + 30 , MDEF + 10
[Mage, Archer, Thief, Gunslinger, Taekwon Class]
Perfect Dodge + 7
Additional Perfect Dodge can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 4.
[Swordman, Merchant, Acolyte, Ninja Class]
Reflect 7% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.
Additional Reflect Damage can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 4.
* Draconic Moon Wings *
Protect the player against some of the biggest explosions 
All Stats + 20, HP + 1000
Flee + 10 , MDEF + 5
10% chance to inflict Curse, Inflict Damage from Demi Human by 10%
Add a 10% chance of auto casting Earthquake on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.

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#718 Update February 16

Posted by Kira Yoshiriya™ on 16 February 2017 - 12:50 PM

[Patch Update] 2/16/2017


* Violet Card Shop NPC Located: Prontera 141,185
Added New Item List:
Darkness Equips SET
Wolf Aura 
Eremes Scarf
Epic Inu Headgear Set


[Note] Kindly patch your OldSchool-Ro Patcher to avoid error in-game! Last Patch "violetshop2017"


This updates will improve our growing economy , if you guys have any suggestions , comments and bug reports regarding our server . Or on how to improve it . Please feel free to share your ideas .

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#520 Newbie Guide ( Click Me ) Help you alot!

Posted by Eternal on 03 November 2016 - 05:04 PM

Thanks. More please

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#1200 Macro

Posted by Meliodas™ on 28 October 2017 - 05:48 AM

Since macro keyboards/mouse are popular now, We're setting up a macro software that everyone can use. Please read the guide so that it can work out for you. Thank you so much!


  Please note: step 1






The drivers does not currently support Windows 8 and Windows 10 - A new driver is currently in the making which will of cause support all newer versions of Windows!  


Blue Eye Macro Virtual Driver - Windows 7 64bit.zip [4.79 MiB] 

Blue Eye Macro Virtual Driver - Windows 7 32bit.zip [2.23 MiB] 

 Blue Eye Macro Virtual Driver - Windows XP 64bit.zip [4.79 MiB] 



To install the driver execute Install.bat

To uninstall the driver execute Uninstall.bat
To do:
1:First try to install the drivers inside the "Unchecked version" folder.
2:Reboot your machine
3:After rebooting your machine - If the driver does not appear to be installed (marked as "Installed" inside the BE settings window)
4:Then run uninstall inside the "Unchecked version" folder.
5:Reboot your machine again.
6:Run the installer inside "Checked version" and try again.
----------------------- BEM MACRO -------------------------------
  Please note: step 2

Attached Files

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#1147 Edited Frost Jokes

Posted by Ciaossu on 27 September 2017 - 03:46 PM

While I do enjoy other players' version of their frost joke (mostly mock/burn their friends), I draw the line at those frostjokes that covers up your whole chatbox. My fellow guildmates couldn't read our commands during WOE/GOTM because of this.


GMs / Admin. please make a statement about this. TIA

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Posted by vinzking05 on 10 September 2017 - 05:20 AM

Boss meron akong kaibigan ... mga 5 days na po sya pm sau kasi gusto na nya kunin yung prize  ... nanalo kasi sya .. at di ka pa daw nag rereply..Ty

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#1064 [Changelogs] 9/4/2017

Posted by Meliodas™ on 04 September 2017 - 05:27 AM

Added stats: ( Quest items )
• Blue Perfect Crown
• Cyan Perfect Crown
• Purple Perfect Crown
• Gold Perfect Crown
• Green Perfect Crown
• Red Perfect Crown
Added stats: ( Donate item )
• Lord Cyclop's Eye 
• You can now trade your scroll of hero into oldschool stone
NPC Located: prontera 187,208
• Unlimited arrows/ammo for bow and gun
• Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb ( For everyjob now )
Kindly patch your OldSchool-RO patcher & Other updates will be posted this week!
Thank you and have fun playing  ;)

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#1028 LCYC

Posted by jariel on 31 August 2017 - 11:07 AM

ang golden set rare yan, gotm prize, di yan nabibili sa npc like lcyc

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#1022 [ Grand Lotti Event ]

Posted by Meliodas™ on 30 August 2017 - 08:13 AM

Good Day OsRO Players!
This coming September. 10 2017,
we will have the lotti event and the items that you can have are all new!!
This will happen only for once and only at the event you'll have new items that i'll put at the lotti event npc. 
What do we need for the lotti event?
We need the "Lotti Ticket" that  you'll get in-game, just ask the Event Man NPC to be found at prontera 154 159.
You cannot trade/drop the lotti tickets and my advice for you is to save it while you can!
And there are 20+ new rare items released for this lotti event. (  w/ Special Effects )
1% Chance :)
About Server : Thank You for those who stayed and new players!   :wub:

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#1013 Sir Kira baka pwede ibalik yung spam ng Prof? Para kahit papaano magamit yung...

Posted by Hahaha on 29 August 2017 - 07:20 PM

Hindi na kasi makapatay. Pinahina ata kahit 3 artist at white god set pa.
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#1007 Sir Kira baka pwede ibalik yung spam ng Prof? Para kahit papaano magamit yung...

Posted by Meliodas™ on 29 August 2017 - 07:46 AM

Spammable naman ang proof job. Mag artist card ka para spam mga skills mo.

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