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Lotti Card ( Item Descriptions )

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 10:14 AM

Lotti Card Event: Start at 8:30PM GMT+8 TONIGHT!
GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!
1) Upgraded Drake Card
Description: Enable to use "Weapon Perfection Lv 3". 
Compounded on: Headgear
2) Impositio Card
Enable to use "Impositio Manus Lv 5". 
Compounded on: Accessory
3) Upgraded Valkyrie Randgris Card
Attack +15%, "Dispel Lv 2" by chance (1%) when attacking and Weapon is unbreakable(but still strippable). 
Compounded on: Weapon
4) Anti-Trapper Card
Enable the use of "Remove Trap Lv 1". 
Compounded on: Headgear
5) Upgraded Phreeoni Card
HIT + 100, Increase damage to Demi-humans by 10%.
Compounded on: Weapon
6) Upgraded Thara Frog Card
Reduces Demi-Human Damage by 30%, 10% Chance to Reflect Magic.
Compounded on: Shield
7) Upgraded Raydric Card
Increase resistance to neutral attacks by 20%, Flee + 30.
Compounded on: Garment
8) Upgraded Deviling Card
Increases Resistance to neutral attacks by 50%, Decreases Resistance to other elements by 45%, Flee + 20.
Compounded on: Garment
9) Upgraded General Egnigem Card
Increase HP/SP by 10%, Attack/Magic Attack +5%
Compounded on: Shoes
10) Upgraded Amon Ra Card
All stats +2, HP+ 5%, Chance of Casting "Kyrie Eleison Lv 10" by chance (5%) when attacked.
Compounded on: Shoes
11) Upgraded Incantation Samurai Card
Ignores natural defense of enemies. Attack +10%.
Compounded on: Weapon
12) Upgraded Evil Snake Lord Card
INT+ 5, MATK +3%, Decreases After-Casy Delay by 10%, Cannot be Cursed or Blinded.
Compounded on: Headgear
13) Upgraded Vanberk Card
STR + 5, ATK +3%, Triggers Crit Rate + 100 by chance when attacking.
Compounded on: Headgear
14) Upgraded Orc Hero Card
VIT + 5, HP +3%, Cannot be stunned.
Compounded on: Headgear
15) Upgraded Vesper Card
DEX + 5, ATK +3%, Crit Damage + 3%.
Compounded on: Headgear
16) Defense Card
Automatically casts "Safety Wall Lv 10" by chance (10%) and "Pneuma Lv 1" by chance (5%) when attacked.
Compounded on: Accessory
17) Offense Card
Automatically casts "Lex Aeterna Lv 1" by chance (10%) and "Impositio Manus Lv 5" by chance (10%) when attacking.
If combined with Defense Card, ATK+ 5%, MATK+5% and HP+ 5%.
Compounded on Accessory
18) Spirits Card
Automatically Casts "Call Spirit Lv 5" and "Flip the Coin Lv 5" by chance (10%) when attacking. Each Spirit/Coins Increases ATK and HIT.
Compounded on: Accessory
19) Angelic Bliss Card
Enables to use "Blessing Lv 10" & "Increase Agility Lv 10".
Compounded on: Armor
20) Upgraded Baphomet Card
Splash Damage, Attack +10%.
Compounded on: Weapon
21) Upgraded Turtle General Card
Attack +25%, Limited to one Card only.
Compounded on: Weapon
22) Upgraded Hydra Card
+25% Damage on Demi-human monsters, Limited to one Card only.
Compounded on: Weapon
23) Rogue Card
Learns "Tunnel Drive Lv 3".
Compounded on: Garment
24) Utility Card
Learns "Push Cart Lv 10", "Change Cart Lv 1" and "Falconry Mastery Lv 1".
Compounded on: Accessory
25) Monk Card
Learns "Triple Attack Lv 10".
Compounded on: Weapon

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