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[Changelogs] 11/18/2017

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 06:02 AM

/////////////**** OsRO Gift NPC
+7 Refine Deed x20
Angelic Armor x2
Angelic Shield x2
Angelic Boots x1
Angelic Manteau x2
Angelic Helm x1
Angelic Scarf x1
Sniper Card x1
Whitesmith Card x1
High Priest Card x1
Assassin Cross Card x1
Warlord's War Staff x1
Blazeguard x2
Vengeful Gladiator's Greatsword x2
Skyfire Bow x2
Glowing Brightwood Staff x1
Warrior's Balmung x2
Neo Revolver x2
Neo Wolverine x2
Eremes Scarf x1
Bunch of Carnations x2
Big Bun x30000 [POTS]
/////////////****  === Sniper Job Update === **** 
It's time to return what once shined in OSRo, and that is the Sniper! We'll be returning the previous configuration of snipers
it means that snipers doesn't need EDPC / Draconic Card anymore!
We have decided to return this back so that everyone could enjoy back snipers without the luxurious equipments needed for it.
• Removing the Reduce damage from Long Range attacks by 20%
to all armor's
• EDP Card & Draconic card cannot be used by snipers
To all our players who uses EDP Card/Draconic Card for Snipers, We're sorry that we'll remove the said effect from you since we're re-balancing things.
We suggest that use the said cards on other EDP-enabled jobs like Lord Knights, Whitesmiths, etc. 
And we do hope that you all understand why we have done this, so we can return the "Old" Sniper back.
/////////////**** === Stalker Job Update === **** 
Regarding to the single strip skills, I've observed for almost 5 days every WoE that it's IMBA(especially for macro users who can configure the jump+strip instantly). 
This is one of the main reasons for the maintenance, to ensure that the chances are fair and just. From 14% per strip, it is now reduced to 5% now. 
Don't worry, this was tested before finalizing the decision and it can still strip in a decent amount of time.
/////////////**** Job Damage
 Magic Type Users ~
Regarding to all magic-type users like HW/Prof/Ninja, all skills are now balanced, as per specific-only skills before like Meteor Storm and such. 
You can further enhance your magic via Mind Breaker which was implemented earlier in the server again.
Also in addition, creators are fixed now on their acid demonstration damage.
~ Physical Type Users ~
Regarding to all physical-type users like Snipers/LK/Champs/Sinx/GS, these are all tested and updated accordingly to balance things out. It all depends on the player on how to handle them in PVP/WoE!
Lastly for the paladin job, nothing changed as this needs no re-balancing! So Paladin stay as it is!
/////////////**** NPC Update
Added items [Violet Card Shop]:
Sweet Bonnet Hat - 400VC
Mecha Robo Ears - 400VC
Black Rogue Cape - 400VC
Yellow Balloon Hat - 400VC
Heart Headset - 400VC 
Angel of Era - 400VC
Feather Headset - 400VC
Dark Icarus Wings - 700VC
Death Valkyrie - 500VC
Death Wings - 500VC
Darker Devil Crescent - 400VC
Darker Devil Horns - 400VC
Darker Devil Tail - 400VC
Angel Armor - 800VC
Angel Shield - 450VC
Angel Boots# 800 VC
Angel Manteau - 800VC
Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb - 300VC
Added items [Oldschool Coin Shop:]
NPC Located: prontera 164,151
Vegeta god - 500Coins
Saiyan God Aura - 500Coins
Black Goku Aura - 500Coins
Black Goku hair - 500Coins
Couple Scarf - 500Coins
Couple Cap - 500Coins
Gentlemans Pipe - 500Coins
Hei Mask - 500Coins
Added Items [Event Silver Coin Shop:]
NPC Located: prontera 164,149
Draconic Horn - 500Coins
Draconic Tail - 500Coins
420 Cap - 500Coins
Rbreezy Cap - 500Coins 
Duterte Glass - 500Coins
Voltron helm- 500Coins
Blue Heartsunglasses - 500Coins
Hyzo Hat - 500Coins
Luffy_Aura - 1500Coins
Tianxuan - 1500Coins
/////////////**** GoldRoom Update
Drop: Yggberry x2 / Gold x7
NPC Located: prontera 147,153
/////////////**** Whitesmith Card Update
Enables use of Level 1 Maximum Over Thrust
Level 5 Mammonite when attacking
Destroy the enemy's weapon by chance.
Makes a weapon Indestructible and Unstripable.
/////////////**** Upgraded Cards Quest 
We have decided that we made the lotti cards as quest, 
since this is one of the limited items in OSRo at the moment.
And of course, for you to enjoy the questing experience! It may not be as easy as it sounds but, 
it is just available anytime for you to take on the challenge!
/////////////**** Christmas Headgear
Christmas Bone Hat[1]: Str + 40 , Movement Speed 100%
Christmas Tree Hat[1]: Int + 40 , Movement Speed 100%
Green Christmas Hat[1]: Dex + 40 , Movement Speed 100%
Drop by antonio monster
Respawn: prontera city
Drop Rate: 20%
/////////////**** WOE SHOP NPC
This WoE shop is implemented for WoE enthusiasts that wants some new headgears for fashion!
Every week, there will be new headgears in the shop!
You will be needing "WoE Coins" that you can obtained only in playing WoE.
11AM-12PM GMT+8 WoE
- 150 WoE Coins - Castle Holder
- 150 WoE Coins - Castle Holder
10PM-11PM GMT+8 WoE
- 300 WoE Coins - Castle Holder

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